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Exploring Our Connection With G.O.D.

Exploring Our Connection With G.O.D.

March 31, 2021

To connect with God, you simply need to allow yourself to become infinitely immersed in existential presence.


What does that mean? Well, it's easier said than done. Our minds tend to get in the way of our heartfelt connection, and through our thicket of thoughts, connecting with God becomes a complex process.


Who or what is God? How can we, being tiny specs in the cosmos, ascertain the nature of our relationship with the Source, the Sum, and the Essence of everything there is?


We each must examine our beliefs and decide for ourselves what is true. We must cultivate our personal connection with Divine Presence. In this episode I'll explore what that means!


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Finding Spiritual Focus and Fueling Spiritual Growth

Finding Spiritual Focus and Fueling Spiritual Growth

March 24, 2021

Spiritual growth requires focus and discipline, but the benefits are immense.

If you want to embody your best in the present moment, learn how to focus at the spiritual level, and fuel your personal growth, don't miss this episode!

Like lifting weights or cardio training, you CAN strengthen your inner awareness. This is the path that will lead your to your ultimate potential.

Where Did You Come From? Exploring The Origins Of Self

Where Did You Come From? Exploring The Origins Of Self

March 10, 2021

Who you are today is a result of a lifetime of unique experience.

Even prior to personal experience, you were born specific with a genetic blueprint. 

But where did you come from? In this episode, we'll explore the layers of this question, look at how the answers impact your life, and consider the soul level journey of self-directed evolution.

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Finding FOCUS: How to Channel Your Energy Into What Matters Most

Finding FOCUS: How to Channel Your Energy Into What Matters Most

March 2, 2021

What could you accomplish with just a little more FOCUS?

What could you achieve if you could channel your energy into what matters most? How would it feel to get the results you desire?

In this short episode I share simple yet effective strategies to help you focus your time and energy on what matters most.

Learn how to align your intentions with meaningful actions so you can use your time wisely and enjoy the satisfaction of getting stuff done!

How to STOP Hurting and Start Healing TODAY!

How to STOP Hurting and Start Healing TODAY!

March 1, 2021

You CAN reduce your pain and suffering. I have spent thousands of hours teaching hundreds of people how to do just that, and now I'm ready to share these secrets with you, so YOU can Stop Hurting and Start Healing TODAY!!


Surviving three major vehicle accidents, five major surgeries, thousands of hours of therapy, and over a decade of chronic pain have equipped me with the humility and compassion to help YOU get back on the path to better well-being TODAY!


If your body feels broken, if your heart aches for the life you've longed to live, let me share the lesson I've learned through my own immense suffering. Here's what you need to do:

  1. SHED the DOUBT: You have to believe you CAN feel better! When you hurt every single day, it's easy to lose hope and start believing things will never get better. Let me tell you what: NOTHING could be further from the truth! I will show you exactly how to transform pain into powerful insight and profound personal growth. Your inner wisdom awaits!
  2. LOSE the ILLUSION: You are NOT stuck. You are NOT a victim. You are an incredible cosmic creature, born with a gift that is meant to be shared! Pain has shaped you, it has given you strength and taught you humility. You would NOT be who you are, or where you're at without the pain and suffering. Accept the gift of life, JUST AS IT IS. Embrace your healing journey, learn, grow, and prepare to share your lessons with the world!
  3. PRIORITIZE the PATH: Whether you have a broken body, a broken heart, or both, your healing journey starts right where your feet meet the ground. It's SO easy to miss the importance of taking care of yourself, even when you're suffering. Taking care of others is often a convenient distraction from the pain and discomfort. In order to reduce the pain and regain control of your life, you've got to prioritize YOURSELF, starting NOW!


These are the truths that life has taught me. I've traveled the bumpy road, I've hurt and healed and hurt some more. I know it's not fun. Suffering every second of every day SUCKS... BUT...


You are stronger and more powerful than you can even imagine.


Your innate capacity to heal will blow your mind.


There is a systematic path, an integrated process that will produce incremental improvement in every area of your life... have a listen now and let me tell you how!


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