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Shifting Perspective: How Spiritual Awareness Solves Societal Chaos

Shifting Perspective: How Spiritual Awareness Solves Societal Chaos

October 1, 2021

Society is in chaos. We need solutions. How do we get out of this global crisis and regain the peace and prosperity of just a few years ago?

The answer is spiritual awareness. Activating deeper levels of discernment allows us to distinguish between our mental mental mirage and natural reality. As we sharpen perception, we gain clarity regarding the problems we face.

Elevating spiritual awareness, integrating mind-body-soul, also stimulates our intuition, inspiration, and higher intelligence. This allows us to bring the power of our minds into focus, so we can better navigate chaos and find effective solutions.

In the past I have held spiritual and political discussions on separate platforms, but in this episode I intentionally bridge the two topics. The only way we can end this crisis is awaken our inner wisdom and see things for what they are.

To help with this, I have compiled years of research into a new presentation titled Shifting Perspective. You can find this and many other resources at my blog here:

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