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The Power Of Wonder, Acceptance, and Ritual Appreciation: Interviewing Aryeh Green

August 6, 2021

It is no secret that Nature can profoundly shape our perspective, providing us with a sacred space to heal. Even amidst challenges and tribulation, life is full of wonder and blessings... sometimes we just have to step outside and see it! 

This episode brings you the wisdom of author Aryeh Green, as he shares the powerful lessons learned from his 800 mile solo-trek along the Israel National Trail. Finding it difficult to digest life, Aryeh released the need to have all the answers, strapped on a pack, and traversed through the desert of his personal experience.

He found wisdom in the silence and gained deeper insights at each fork in the trail. As humility took hold, a deeper understanding and immense appreciation began to unfold.

Listen to stories that are not in the book, as together we explore the power of wonder, the connection between human psychology and religious experience, the human search for meaning, and how getting a flavor for different religions can enrich your connection with God.

It's a conversation you don't want to miss!

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You can connect with Aryeh, find his book, and learn more his about his incredible journey at:

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